Overseas Recruitments

We Marina Classic for General Trading and Contracting Co. are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the most prominent professional head hunters and manpower recruitment consultants in Kuwait, India having a network of associate offices in Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Cochin, Jalandhar, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Vishakapatnam, Surat, Baroda, Madurai and various other locations and also in Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh , Pakistan Philippines &Egypt .

We have a track record of recruiting thousands of management professionals, technical and non-technical personnel, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers for our worthy clients in the Gulf and other Middle Eastern countries.
We cater to the requirements of a variety of organizations engaged in multifarious
activities, industry, manufacturing units, petro chemical projects, Airport projects, cleaning/maintenance, construction, IT Service and hospitality sector etc.
Our credentials are well established and we are known for deploying RIGHT personnel for RIGHT jobs.


We have been exerting non-ceasing efforts to maintain the efficiency of our services to suit your requirements. Our whole set – up consists of untiring young personnel, who are at the helm of rendering the best of present generation services.
MCC presents the business community with innovative ideas and new approaches to face the challenging market.
We have true solutions to all your problems, with our active combined resources; we have greater potential to tackle the most complex of all problems.
At MCC we have set up modern standards in recruitment activities to keep pace with your high level of expectation.
MCC with its zonal offices taps the best manpower in the country. Ours is a duly Registered Recruitment and Manpower Supply Agency.

We at MCC maintain very cordial relations with Airlines, Travel Agents, Government Authorities and Foreign Diplomatic Missions to achieve our aims. We do not purge records of any candidate after he is selected. They remain part of our history for future reference.



We regularly advertise in Leading Newspapers and maintain a comprehensive data bank. Also we have tied up with leading online Job portals through which we have a data base of more than 1 million resumes.



Every candidate is evaluated, assessed, appraised, interviewed, screened for the trade, skill talent, knowledge experience, work output and behavior either by your team of experts or by us. We use reputed engineering / catering / technical/ professional institutes for trade testing. Besides “The expert executive selection panel” We have our own trade testing / skill evaluation facility at your disposal supervised by professionals. We use the latest selection techniques and most modern methods of manpower mobilization.


UAE / Qatar – Mini mum 15 days to get emigration clearance and deploy them. Saudi Arabia / Kuwait / Bahrain – For visa endorsement and emigration clearance, normal time required are 10 / 15 days.


A large package deal is being offered to our valued Principals which includes but not limited to the following: - Advertising Screening Interviewing Trade Tests Medical Examination Government / Embassy Formalities Ticketing
Arrival Intimation to the Principals
To undertake the recruitment formalities in India, the following documents are required to be completed and sent to us.


A) For Visa Endorsement (KW visa)
a) Online wakala
b) Visa Slip
c) C.R. Copy or Sajjal Thejara

B) For Recruitment & Emigration clearance
a) Power of Attorney
b) Demand Letter
c) Employment Agreement



Every Candidate is subjected to thorough medical check up Physical Fitness, Chest X-ray, blood pressure, cardiogram, test of stools, Blood, urine, V.D.R.L., HIV etc. Clinical examination for symptoms and Signs of AIDS.
Blood grouping (blood type) salmonella culture test and any other test is specifically done if requested by you. Eye Test by Ophthalmologists
Color Blindness, Long / Short sight Defects for Drivers, operators are checked up by the eye specialists.


Hence the problem of skill and health will be eliminated at the very onset of recruitment. However in spite of the above precautions if there are stray cases, and if you feel that a candidate is not having the skill specified you he would be replaced at our cost and expenses