Military & local Kuwait tents are of various sizes consisting of as many as seven layers with complete installation. They are easy to move, install and un-install. Sides can be made of super hard PVC vinyl that insulates against heat, sunlight, rain and sound. These features make our tents ideal for camps & Kuwait local marketing. Also allows for easy movement from one place to another.

The American army & Kuwait Local Market has used our tents for various purposes.

Some of the uses are:

  • • Supermarket
  • • Pharmacy
  • • Cinema Hall
  • • Offices
  • • Storage
  • • Vehicle Garage
  • • Car Port
  • • Sunshade
  • • Wedding & Party Tent


Mechanical Work

Structure: The structure is free of obstacles and tent-poles inside providing more living space than conventional canvas tents. The metal structure is durable with a minimum ten year life requiring less maintenance than conventional tensioned fabric structures. The customer can choose from unlimited sizes and configurations allowing for the ultimate in versatility concerning the structure function.

The poly –Vinyl material is fire proof, non-toxic, water proof and fungus proof. The material is stronger than canvas and has a substantially greater life-span. The tent is built with 4ft foundations and is engineered to withstand strong winds, up to 100 mph, as well as other adverse elements found in the harsh desert environment.

Military Sunshade

Army Sunshade is very high quality Structure with 14 & 37 gauge Hot Roll Square tubing inserted at moments of stress with 1 3/4 OD 14 gauge steel metal tubing and Sunshade Covering installation for very strong Canvas Polyester-Vinyl, tough polyester scrim and an adhesive especially formulated to resist ultraviolet rays moisture, cold crack, wicking and mildew. This high quality cover fabric has a smooth hi-gloss finish which makes it easy to clean and dry, prolonging its life.

International & Kuwaiti sunshade

Also in Kuwait, we make car parking Cover shades are made of aluminum or galvanized iron, while the cover is made of acrylic of various colors or of poly-------- as per your demand. There are various colors and shapes that fit houses, shops, hall, gardens. Thus, AL-Safa International co. adds another beautiful touch to their products.

Marina Classic Co. did not forget the genuineine part and the magic of traditions. They were innovation in Al Sadu & Divans tents of all sizes. Measurements and color MCC paid attention to , internal furnishings including Arabian majlis, land tables and all necessary access ories such as brick-made fireplaces, and side painting that add more beauty to hair-made and AL Sadu tents.

MCC tents and halls are perfect, for the creation of various kinds of exhibitions. The different dimensions I in length and width provide suitable area to establish the appropriate exhibition. These tents and established halls are provided with, show – lights (projectors and other). We also Provide super strong air-conditioners that help regulate the temperature due to crowds of visitors. Exhibition sections can also be mounted easily as the high side and center provide flex ability of movement. MCC, provides all necessary, equipment, starting from building pavilions of exhibitions, furnishings, carpets, wooden floors, and any last minute additional details. MCC, manufactures a wide variety of Canvas fabric Vehicle Cover & Double Fold Pakistani tents. Our sister company in Pakistan is capable of manufacturing to your specific needs. Our expertise includes construct tent and vehicle cover for a wide variety of functions and in a wide variety of configurations.

  • • Trash Cans Canvas
  • • Car Ports Frame Portable X's 10
  • • Welding Screen quadruple Frame Stand
  • • Car Cover & SUVs Cover & Truck Cover