MCC, has very stylish concept for warehousing. Warehouses can be established in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait & Pakistan. These warehouses are very strong and tight. Internal shelves can be installed for storing.

Warehousing pallet-racking solutions:

Interlock pallet racking systems are designed to meet the new generation of warehouses up to 20m high, designed around the operating tolerances of VNA Equipment with aisles marginally wider than the load.

Trailers/RLB: We manufacture and maintain a wide variety of RLB's. We are capable of manufacturing RLBs to your specific requirements. Our expertise includes RLB's for a wide variety of functions and in a wide variety of configurations.

  • • Portable office Units
  • • Portable Housing Units
  • • Modular Offices & Other Buildings
  • • Portable Shower Units
  • • Portable Laundry
  • • Portable Kitchen
  • • Guard Shacks
  • • Potable latrine

Screening and short – listing: While some companies like to outsource recruitment, some prefer to do the final selection themselves. We are fine with that. What we would do would be to source people for you, screen them and short-list the top candidates, making the final selection an easy task for you.